Trimble | Family

Within a couple weeks time, I received several inquiries from people wanting family photos because someone in their family was struggling with an illness, and sadly for a couple they shared that a family member may not be with them much longer. Kelly contacted me and shared some hard news about someone in her family, and they wanted to get some photos taken soon. I'll be honest to say that I cried after speaking with her - it hit too close to home for me. It had only been about 8 months since my father passed away from terminal cancer when she got ahold of me, but the fight they were facing took me back to my own family's struggle when we first learned about the cancer that ultimately took my dad from us.
It was truly an honor to photograph this great family! They seemed to have such joy, even though they found themselves in such a time of uncertainty. I loved chatting with them, hearing their story and watching them laugh with one another. 
This family (along with the handful of others I photographed in similar situations), reminded me why I love what I do. So, THANK YOU. You all are amazing.
Jackie WildComment