Mae | Class of 2015

With a busy spring (because of a certain little baby joining our family), I'm a bit behind on blogging sessions from this year. But no worries, I'm slowly catching up :-)

Meet Mae! Isn't she gorgeous?! Her entire family is too, actually. I first photographed Mae, her parents and her three sisters back in 2012 when I was only doing photography part-time and I was still a 7th grade English teacher. Thankfully they thought I did an okay job back when I was first starting out, and they have continued to return to me for photos. I even had the honor of photographing The Chilly Chili Run earlier this year, which was a fundraiser put together for Mae's family because her father's brain cancer had returned. Read more about that event here.

Mae graduated this past May and had plans to go to school in the Wichita area. She was so creative with her shoot - specifically, I'm referring to the adorable vintage bike she rode around! How fun! We hung out around her neighborhood for the first part of the session, and then made our way to her high school. I've photographed a bunch of other students from her high school over the years, and 95% of them always want photos in front of and around the building. Why? Because it's an absolutely beautiful structure (you'll see below)! Finally, we were able to get into the pool area to get some photos because Mae is a swimmer. I too swam competitively so it was a lot of fun to take these!

Congrats again Mae!

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