Long | Family

I've known Jenny since the summer I moved to Wichita (so, eight years now!), and I was honored when she asked me to take photos for her husbands side of the family (I also got to do photos with her side of the family - blog of that session to come soon). Jenny is a fellow photographer, but put things on hold last year due to her pregnancy with baby #2.
These guys were troopers! We had a rain storm come in just as we started. And I'm talking about a complete downpour! Luckily there was a little shelter for us to wait it out a bit. The rain came and went, so we continued on, somewhat wet, and extremely hot from the humidity. But aren't their photos lovely? They were a great group to photograph and I'm, of course, always excited when another photographer asks me to document their family for them!
Jackie WildComment