Chilly Chili 4 Mile | Lavacek Fundraiser

I met the Lavacek's a few years ago through a mutual friend. I took family photos for them at a park near their house - we had a great time! I immediately noticed how close this family was, and that Molly and Charlie were crazy about each other. I then heard about how Charlie had battled cancer years before.

So when our mutual friend Stephanie got a hold of me in January and told me that Charlie was battling brain cancer (again), it broke my heart. Having lost my father last summer to cancer, hearing about his diagnosis brought some strong emotions within me. I immediately thought, "what can I do to help support them?!" Stephanie told me that her and Molly's other running ladies (aka the Cheeky Chicks) were putting together a race and fundraiser to help support the Lavacek's as Charlie begins his treatment. Stephanie asked if I'd donate a session to the raffle they would be having at the race (umm, YES). I'm not a great runner, but wanted to be involved some other way, so I just asked if I could document the event for them. The race was put together in about a month and there were almost 500 runners... wow!

It was an honor to be there, support the Lavacek's, see how LOVED this family is and watch such a large community of people stand up and fight this battle with Charlie (and his girls).

To check out all of the photos from the day, and to download them FOR FREE, check out: Chilly Chili 4 Mile - Lavacek Family Fundraiser.

Jackie WildComment