Jordan + Ally | 5.23.15

Talk about two people so in love that you can see it from miles away... this is EXACTLY how Ally and Jordan's love for one another is! These two were glowing on their wedding day! The day was a stormy and rainy mess [outside], but it was absolutely perfect in every way that a wedding should be! They both had such a positive attitude about the weather not cooperating; I even heard Ally say, "I don't even care that it's pouring out, I just want to be Jordan's wife!" 

The day went smoothly, and even with the challenges of being limited to space [inside], we got some great photos of these two. THEN... towards the end of my time at the reception, I was about to start packing up when a guest ran over to me and squealed, "There's a rainbow outside! You've got to tell Ally and Jordan!" In that moment, amazing [chaos] erupted! We grabbed a few photos of the lovely couple right outside of the venue with only the bottom part of the rainbow, but as we stood there, the entire rainbow became more vibrant and visible. We then ran into the rain, into a muddy field and I just snapped away! I am beyond pleased with the results! It's always fun when a bride and groom are willing to do whatever it takes for one great photo - even if that means getting wet and muddy in your wedding attire!

Congratulations again to these two love birds. I know you will for sure live happily ever after!

Jackie WildComment