Brown | Family

It's always a pleasure to take pictures for the lovely Brown family! I first met [some] of them back in 2011 when I started my, then, part time photography business. Spencer was actually my first male senior portrait session that I photographed, and I'm so glad that they trusted me enough to hire a newbie in the photography world. Then last year I got to take Bailey's senior photos which was SO much fun! These two still hold the record for the most outfit changes and most shoe changes - Shelli has said she hopes that they forever hold those two titles :-)

Finally early this spring I got to photograph the entire Brown family! Finally! They're such a great group, and have been huge supporters in the growth of my business. I can't even tell you how many people have contacted me and said, "Shelli Brown gave us your name!" So, THANK YOU to this wonderful family! Enjoy their adorable downtown blue and KState themed session!

Jackie WildComment