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There have been some exciting things developing over here, and I'm excited to share about one of them!

[Back story]... A couple of years ago my husband and I spent some time in Uganda, Africa where we met a woman who began a non-profit based out of Tennessee called 127 Worldwide. This organization focuses on uniting people in the fight against extreme poverty by meeting the needs of orphans and widows. 127 partners with locals around the world who are working towards stopping the orphan problem, and who are also supporting widows in their area. Then through education, advocacy and sponsorship, people who want to support these locals can come alongside them. 127 makes this global partnership possible.

"Our mission is to connect people to the needs of orphans and widows around the globe through education, advocacy, and sponsorship."

-Sara Beth Fentress, founder 127 Worldwide


After returning from Africa and getting involved with 127, I gave my photos from Uganda to the organization to use for advertising, media and networking. Over the past couple of years my husband and I have supported them in many other ways, one of those being donating profits from our photography sales. We plan on continuing to do this, and we are excited about the future of 127 as it expands.

And now for our exciting opportunity!...

Last month I was contacted by the founder of 127 Worldwide, asking if I would go to Haiti to take pictures for the organization. There is a small group of people going in October to visit one of 127's partners (and his orphanage), and they want me to travel with them.

I'm SO excited to join this small team, visit this orphanage and encourage and support these Haitian people in the work they're doing around their community. But I'm also excited (and honored) to use my photography in order to share the work that is being done in Jeremie, capture the little faces of the children at the orphanage and continue to support everything that 127 Worldwide is doing.

I'm busy getting things ready to go (I leave in a couple of weeks - what?!), but once I return, I'll be sharing about my time there, along with how YOU can get involved in supporting orphan and widow care. Let's go!

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